LNP Cymru is a 3-year project running until April 2022, funded by Welsh Government and coordinated by WCVA. The partnership consists of all local authorities and national parks in Wales, Wales Biodiversity Partnership, WCVA and the Local Environment Records Centres (LERC).

Here are some examples of the projects which are happening across Wales through the LNP project. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there will be numerous exciting projects happening in every county across Wales! Click here to find out what’s happening in your area, or here to see how you can get involved.

Plant Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire LNP

Plant Pembrokeshire
Each year many of the Local Nature Partnerships in the LNP Cymru project distribute grant funding to other organisations and communities who are carrying out projects.... read more

Coed Gors y Gedol Community Woodland Improvement

Snowdonia LNP

Coed Gors y Gedol Community Woodland Improvement
Wales’ Rainforests - The sessile oak woodlands of southern Snowdonia, including Coed Cors y Gedol, form one of the most important areas for woodland conservation in Europe.... read more

Aerial View of new ponds and scrapes

Vale of Glamorgan LNP

Rewilding the old Golf Course at Porthkerry
The landscape at Porthkerry Country Park ranges from plunging cliffs to rolling farmland. It includes a range of dynamic ecosystems.... read more

Llanidloes Woodland Creation Project

Powys LNP

Llanidloes Woodland Creation Project
One of the major advantages of the Local Nature Partnership (LNP) Cymru project is the way in which working collaboratively makes things possible that may otherwise not have been.... read more

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