About us

What is the LNP Cymru Project?

The Local Nature Partnership (LNP) Cymru Project aims to build a nature recovery network across Wales, engaging people, communities, businesses and decision-makers in both practical action and strategic planning for a healthy, resilient and nature-rich Wales.

It is an ongoing scheme funded by Welsh Government and coordinated by WCVA. The partnership consists of all local authorities and national parks in Wales, Wales Biodiversity Partnership, WCVA and the Local Environment Records Centres (LERC).

About us

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  • We are an all-Wales network for nature’s recovery.
  • We are environmental groups, businesses, communities, public bodies and citizens.
  • We are a 3 year project coordinated by WCVA running until April 2022.
  • We are part of the efforts to make Wales a nature-rich nation that supports the nation's well-being.

What we are doing

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  • Creating new nature-based projects in communities across Wales.
  • Developing local nature plans to inform and target action.
  • Collaborating to design and deliver projects for nature’s health and the nation’s well-being.
  • Providing opportunities for volunteers to develop skills.
  • Linking with partner organisations and other sectors to maximise our reach.

How we will do it

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  • Embedding nature recovery by sharing skills and approaches.
  • Working with you to help develop more diverse partnerships.
  • Harnessing the collective resources of communities and volunteers to take action for nature.
  • Increasing the number of biological records in each area to inform nature recovery priorities.

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Our Mission is to reconnect people with nature to ensure it is protected and nurtured now and in the future

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Our Vision is a Wales rich in nature for everyone

There is an LNP in every area across Wales, each uniquely placed to deliver effective action at the local level and contribute to the national nature recovery agenda. Find your Local Nature Partnership here.

Each LNP is responsible for co-ordinating, promoting and recording existing and new actions to conserve, promote and enhance nature in their area. This includes involvement in:

  • Plans and policy development;
  • Networking and best practice sharing;
  • Practical conservation projects;
  • Reporting; and,
  • Education and awareness raising.

We want to make a long-term, sustainable difference to halting and reversing the decline of the natural environment. We hope that by harnessing the collective resources of communities, volunteers, public bodies and businesses we can take informed, evidence-driven collaborative action within our local authority or national park areas.

To find out more or to get involved, contact the project team or find us on Twitter.

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