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To establish a vibrant and effective all-Wales network of Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs)

  • The LNP network will share learning to maximise best practice and impact
  • There will be an increased number and diversity of partners within LNPs who contribute to nature recovery through their delivery plans and projects

To develop local Nature Recovery Action Plans (NRAPs) in all Local Authority (LA) and National Park Authority (NPA) areas

  • A broad range of actors will be supported to contribute to NRAPs in line with Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR) principles

To build the evidence-base

  • The LNP project will deliver compelling evidence-based narratives about the value of nature recovery
  • There will be more effective and targeted action for local NRAPs

To increase local action

  • Each LNP will ensure that more local organisations and people are aware of the extent and role of the local nature in their area
  • Having more accessible and locally-targeted information will inform better decision-making and inspire changes in behaviour
  • By working together, more people will be able to access, contribute to and benefit from nature-based activities

To advocate and influence

  • The LNP project will advocate for greater and more effective public body implementation of nature recovery policy objectives
  • The LNPs will encourage greater community involvement and ownership of nature recovery activities


  • More organisations will see the benefit of investing in LNPs to deliver multiple benefits
  • There will be a sustainable legacy to the LNP Cymru project

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