Coastal project protects nature
& creates eco-friendly packaging

Anglesey LNP

An Anglesey pilot project has used funding from the Coastal Capacity Building Scheme to study the habits of at-risks birds and develop a new seaweed-based bioplastic.

The Coastal Capacity Building Scheme is funding local projects in coastal areas in Wales and bringing together partners to tackle the climate emergency.

In early 2023 14 pilot projects were funded to test what investment in this area could achieve. One such project was developed by Ynys Môn’s Local Nature Partnership (LNP) who wanted to explore new solutions for improving biodiversity in the area.

Working with the British Trust for Ornithology, Ynys Môn LNP created new online tools to collect data, exploring how birds use coastal areas. The data will allow communities and policymakers to develop the most effective plans to protect at-risk birds and conserve their habitats. The tools can also be used to model how different types of actions will affect the populations of specific birds, by tracking their movements.

The project also enabled work with PlantSea, a biotech start-up based in Anglesey, to create a new seaweed-based bioplastic that can be used to make plastic free punnets. This new material has many exciting elements: it uses a renewable resource, it creates little to no waste, it biodegrades, and it stops more plastic from being dumped in our oceans.

The Coastal Capacity Building Fund will enable communities to take action in Welsh coastal areas to support nature recovery and sustainability. Funding is distributed via the Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) and projects will be run in partnership with the local LNP Co-ordinator.

The Fund aims to build capacity for community partners, helping them to deliver sustainable action that supports growth and recovery in local marine and coastal areas. It will encourage collaboration between stakeholders, such as communities, businesses, local authorities and other public bodies, and build networks that foster nature recovery and rejuvenation in coastal areas.

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